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Learn The Basics Of The Active Shooter Programs!

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Active Shooter Programs are specially designed to teach the employees of a certain company or business how to deal with a potential active shooter. An active shooter is a person who uses one or more firearms in order to kill or attempt killing people in a populated area. The Active Shooter Programs are extremely helpful in this case because they educate the company's personnel how to react in dangerous situations and they can also increase the chances of survival of the employees. Here are the basics of Active Shooter Programs.

1. Try to evacuate the area. If you encounter an active shooter situation in your building or company, try your best to remain calm and attempt to evacuate the area as soon as possible. If it is possible, try to inform others that there is malevolent person in the building and convince them to follow you to safety. Make sure that you don’t waste time taking any personal belongings with you because every single second is extremely important in such situations. When you are safe, call 911 immediately and follow the instructions of the police officers.

2. Try to hide out. If you are not able to escape the building then you must try to hide yourself and others from the attacker. If you are in a hallway, make sure that you immediately get in a room and secure the door after you. If you are in your office, just lock the door and stay there until this dangerous situation ends. Also, make sure that you turn off your cell phone and remain quiet, so that you don’t attract the attention of the attacker. If you cannot lock the door, a good idea would be to block it with heavy furniture. Lastly, try to hide under desks or behind cabinets and other furniture elements in order to protect yourself from the active shooter.

3. Take action as a last resort. If you are not able to escape or hide yourself from the attacker, the last resort would be to do anything in order to disrupt the malevolent person. However, do not attempt any unnecessary heroic actions because they might cost you your life, especially if you are very scared. If the active shooter is close to you, try to injure him and prevent him from hurting others. A great idea would also be to throw various objects at him or make weapons from things you have around you. Most importantly, take his firearms away if you are able and call 911 immediately.

4. General safety precautions which must be remembered. In order to escape alive from such brutal situations, make sure that you are always aware of the surrounding environment and any possible dangers which might arise. Also, it is important to always know the exits of the facility you are working in, so that you will be able to react quickly in case of an active shooter situation.

If you would like a professional to offer more details to your employees about Active Shooter Programs then make sure that you contact us today and our specialists will educate your personnel about such dangerous situations.

5 Apps Every Private Investigator Should Have

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Being a private investigator means one has to not only be smart, but also sneaky. Thanks to modern technology, we have gadgets that work like they are right out of a James Bond movie and apps that one can easily download via their smartphones. One word of caution though: if you are looking to hire a private investigator, always opt for a licensed one. As for private investigators, here are a few apps that are worth investing in, both for Android and iOS.

Hidden Camera Detector, iOS

If you are a private investigator, you will want to know if there are any hidden cameras in an area. This is where this app comes in. The “Hidden Camera Detector” app will help you find small hidden cameras that are usually used for spying. A lot of people did complain that it doesn’t detect the cameras that were kept right in front of the phone. This is because the app can detect only hidden cameras, not the ones which are visible. At a price of $4.99, this app is definitely worth investing in and can be used by anyone.

Hushed, Android and iOS

This app is perfect for private investigators because it gives you disposable phone numbers. That means one does not have to use their own personal number. However, even though the app and your first number are free, one will have to make a purchase for multiple numbers. The best thing is that there are no charges when your phone is on international roaming. Also, one can send texts and call any international number.

iTranslate, Android and iOS

iTranslate is the most popular app for translation amongst iPhone users. Thankfully, they have made the app available even for android users. It is also one of the few apps that are highly praised by users. We all know how “accurate” Google translator is! The app can translate over 50 languages and you can even have voice input, which means all you need to do is speak the words/sentence that you need translated. If you are a private investigator, there are chances that you might have to interact with people who speak a language different from you. Therefore, this app will be the guide you will need in such times.

SneakyPix, iOS

Being a private investigator is all about being discreet. This is where the SneakyPix comes in. With this app, you can make full use of your phone’s camera. What the app does is that it secretly takes pictures or records a video. This app is ideal for situations in which you have to spy on someone in a closed area, such as a restaurant or a café, and even public transport. At $0.99, I would say it is worth the investment.

Wickr, Android and iOS

Wickr is a self-destructing app from which one can send self-destructing texts, photos, videos, voice, and PDFs. Many people might not know this, but once something is on the internet, it is potentially there forever. Therefore, if you want to send data via the internet, but do not want the receiver to keep it, this app will destroy whatever you have sent. Thankfully, it is available for both Android and iOS, and the app is for free.

These apps will keep any private investigator on the top of things.

5 Latest Spy Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like James Bond

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If you are into spy movies, it is pretty certain that James Bond movies are amongst one of your favorites. Even in other movies like Batman and Iron Man, they show the protagonist using some really sleek gadgets. I’m sure many of us have wondered if those kinds of gadgets even exist in real life. Well, here are a few spy gadgets that not only look futuristic, but also do its job like a pro.


If you want a device that will scan a document quickly and discreetly, the Docupen by Planon is the perfect one for you. The scanner is designed in such a way that it looks like a pen, ensuring that it attracts the least attention. All you have to do is pass the Docupen over the document or a photograph and it will capture and store the information. After that, the information collected can be transferred to a computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Tie Camera

As the name suggests, the tie has a camera in it and it is perfect for situations when you want to record an interview or meeting. The camera is a color camera with sound and has an excellent low light capability. Thankfully, the tie itself is not a bad looking one either and can be used with any standard color suit. The camera is so well concealed that one can wear it effortlessly. Also, the mic is placed in such a way that it will pick up the voice of the other person clearly.


Peek-I is a device that can turn an iPhone into a spy camera. It is very small in size and attaches to your iPhone’s camera magnetically. How the device work is that it acts like a periscope with the help of the mirror attached to it. It can also move at a 90 degrees angle, allowing you to take pictures without the other person or anyone around you noticing. It is perfect to use in public places where you cannot use your camera.

Uzi Tactical Pen

This harmless looking pen can do more things than you can imagine. Not only does it have a razor sharp crown on top of it to jab a person, it can also capture DNA sample. The device is made of high grade aircraft aluminum, making it very light and easy to use. The crown part of the pen can also break a glass and you can use it underwater as well. The Uzi Tactical Pen is definitely a must-have for every private investigator.

Security Guardian

Security Guardian is a self-destructing USB device that can be controlled by a remote control. As a spy or a private investigator, there is no doubt that your computer will have vital information. That means, if it falls into the wrong hands or if you lose your computer, people can gain access to it. Therefore, this device will help you destroy everything in the RAM. Moreover, the Security Guardian also has an inbuilt encrypted memory chip and a SIM card, which means that you can track it if it is lost.

Spy gadgets are not only essential for any private investigator to gather information, but some of them are designed to protect information as well.

Five Ways to Increase Street Safety for Women

No matter where you are in the world, there can be danger on the streets. It is a good idea to follow some tips in order to stay safe on the streets, and to be able to handle yourself should you be involved in an incident. This article provides five ways that you can stay street smart and increase your safety when you are walking alone.


It is a good idea to carry some sort of personal alarm or attack spray on you at all times. Some countries will allow you to legally carry a type of spray which can be used to disable an attacker, although in other countries these products are illegal, so always check before purchasing anything online. These alarms and sprays are compact and can easily fit into your handbag.


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There are a range of street safety training courses available for women. These courses are designed to teach you what to do in the event of an attack. Training courses are a great idea for men and women of all ages, and they can mean the difference between life and death in some circumstances. They are also a fun way to learn some self-defence methods in a group setting. Private lessons are also available.

Don't Risk It

If you are feeling unsafe at any time then never continue walking alone on the streets. There are several things that you can do if you find yourself in this situation. You can go into a local shop, restaurant or pub and call a friend or a taxi to pick your up from there. Never turn down dark streets or alleys in order to get away from people, always head for bright, busy places where you can seek safety.

Phones and Tablets

Avoid using phones and any tablets at night on the streets. These items can attract the attention of thieves and robbers and they are more likely to put you in a risky situation. You should also refrain from using headphones at night when you are alone too as some thieves will pull the cord to remove the phone from your pocket. Keep all belongings safe and secure in your bag at all times, and make sure your that purse is also in your bag with nothing in your front or back pockets.  

Safety in Numbers

It is always safer to walk with larger groups of people who you know. While this may not always be possible, you should try and do this as often as you can. You should also let friends and family members know when you are out at night and walking alone so they can know where you are and when to expect you back.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can stay safe on the streets. By carrying an alarm, informing friends and family, hiding your phone and valuables and enrolling in a street safety course you will be doing all you can to improve your safety.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

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A private investigator is a person who is able to work undercover in order to find out information on an individual or an event. They can work on a range of cases, from finding out if there is theft in the workplace to discovering if a partner is having an affair. This article takes a look at the benefits of hiring a private investigator, plus it explains how you can find and choose the best private investigator for your needs.

Peace of Mind

The main reason for hiring a private investigator is that they will be able to provide you with peace of mind on a specific area. If you have suspicions that your partner may be cheating on you, then you can hire a private investigator to see if this is true. Suspicions can lead to a deterioration of trust within the relationship, even if the other person is completely innocent. The same goes for fraud within the workplace. A private investigator will put your mind at ease, or if the worst is found out they will be able to give you proper evidence which you can then take action on.


Private investigators will have the skills and expertise to be able to find out the truth of the matter. They will also be able to collect evidence which can be used at a later date if required. Many private investigators will come from a legal or law enforcement background, or they will have a deep knowledge of the subject area. They will also have access to databases and other information which is generally unavailable to members of the public.


All cases that a private investigator takes on will be completely confidential. They can provide you with a safe and discreet service. Many people don't want their identity or security compromised. This is particularly true if you have a problem within the workplace. You can be putting your job on the line by accusing someone without proper evidence, and it is not professional to do the digging yourself. You could also be putting your own safety at risk. The same applies with civil private investigation services. A private investigator can do all this discreetly without others knowing what they are up to.

Finding and Choosing a Private Investigator

The best way to find a private investigator is to search for their websites online. Almost all private investigators will have a website which will list more information on the different services that they offer. You may want to have a list of questions ready to ask them when you first make contact with them. This can include:

● How much experience do they have?
● What do they specialize in?
● How much do they charge?
● Do they have a good reputation?

Make sure that you ask plenty of questions before agreeing to hire a private investigator to check that they are the best person for your needs, and always check the small print in any contract before signing. Good luck.


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