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5 Latest Spy Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like James Bond

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If you are into spy movies, it is pretty certain that James Bond movies are amongst one of your favorites. Even in other movies like Batman and Iron Man, they show the protagonist using some really sleek gadgets. I’m sure many of us have wondered if those kinds of gadgets even exist in real life. Well, here are a few spy gadgets that not only look futuristic, but also do its job like a pro.


If you want a device that will scan a document quickly and discreetly, the Docupen by Planon is the perfect one for you. The scanner is designed in such a way that it looks like a pen, ensuring that it attracts the least attention. All you have to do is pass the Docupen over the document or a photograph and it will capture and store the information. After that, the information collected can be transferred to a computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Tie Camera

As the name suggests, the tie has a camera in it and it is perfect for situations when you want to record an interview or meeting. The camera is a color camera with sound and has an excellent low light capability. Thankfully, the tie itself is not a bad looking one either and can be used with any standard color suit. The camera is so well concealed that one can wear it effortlessly. Also, the mic is placed in such a way that it will pick up the voice of the other person clearly.


Peek-I is a device that can turn an iPhone into a spy camera. It is very small in size and attaches to your iPhone’s camera magnetically. How the device work is that it acts like a periscope with the help of the mirror attached to it. It can also move at a 90 degrees angle, allowing you to take pictures without the other person or anyone around you noticing. It is perfect to use in public places where you cannot use your camera.

Uzi Tactical Pen

This harmless looking pen can do more things than you can imagine. Not only does it have a razor sharp crown on top of it to jab a person, it can also capture DNA sample. The device is made of high grade aircraft aluminum, making it very light and easy to use. The crown part of the pen can also break a glass and you can use it underwater as well. The Uzi Tactical Pen is definitely a must-have for every private investigator.

Security Guardian

Security Guardian is a self-destructing USB device that can be controlled by a remote control. As a spy or a private investigator, there is no doubt that your computer will have vital information. That means, if it falls into the wrong hands or if you lose your computer, people can gain access to it. Therefore, this device will help you destroy everything in the RAM. Moreover, the Security Guardian also has an inbuilt encrypted memory chip and a SIM card, which means that you can track it if it is lost.

Spy gadgets are not only essential for any private investigator to gather information, but some of them are designed to protect information as well.


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