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5 Apps Every Private Investigator Should Have

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Being a private investigator means one has to not only be smart, but also sneaky. Thanks to modern technology, we have gadgets that work like they are right out of a James Bond movie and apps that one can easily download via their smartphones. One word of caution though: if you are looking to hire a private investigator, always opt for a licensed one. As for private investigators, here are a few apps that are worth investing in, both for Android and iOS.

Hidden Camera Detector, iOS

If you are a private investigator, you will want to know if there are any hidden cameras in an area. This is where this app comes in. The “Hidden Camera Detector” app will help you find small hidden cameras that are usually used for spying. A lot of people did complain that it doesn’t detect the cameras that were kept right in front of the phone. This is because the app can detect only hidden cameras, not the ones which are visible. At a price of $4.99, this app is definitely worth investing in and can be used by anyone.

Hushed, Android and iOS

This app is perfect for private investigators because it gives you disposable phone numbers. That means one does not have to use their own personal number. However, even though the app and your first number are free, one will have to make a purchase for multiple numbers. The best thing is that there are no charges when your phone is on international roaming. Also, one can send texts and call any international number.

iTranslate, Android and iOS

iTranslate is the most popular app for translation amongst iPhone users. Thankfully, they have made the app available even for android users. It is also one of the few apps that are highly praised by users. We all know how “accurate” Google translator is! The app can translate over 50 languages and you can even have voice input, which means all you need to do is speak the words/sentence that you need translated. If you are a private investigator, there are chances that you might have to interact with people who speak a language different from you. Therefore, this app will be the guide you will need in such times.

SneakyPix, iOS

Being a private investigator is all about being discreet. This is where the SneakyPix comes in. With this app, you can make full use of your phone’s camera. What the app does is that it secretly takes pictures or records a video. This app is ideal for situations in which you have to spy on someone in a closed area, such as a restaurant or a café, and even public transport. At $0.99, I would say it is worth the investment.

Wickr, Android and iOS

Wickr is a self-destructing app from which one can send self-destructing texts, photos, videos, voice, and PDFs. Many people might not know this, but once something is on the internet, it is potentially there forever. Therefore, if you want to send data via the internet, but do not want the receiver to keep it, this app will destroy whatever you have sent. Thankfully, it is available for both Android and iOS, and the app is for free.

These apps will keep any private investigator on the top of things.


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