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Learn The Basics Of The Active Shooter Programs!

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Active Shooter Programs are specially designed to teach the employees of a certain company or business how to deal with a potential active shooter. An active shooter is a person who uses one or more firearms in order to kill or attempt killing people in a populated area. The Active Shooter Programs are extremely helpful in this case because they educate the company's personnel how to react in dangerous situations and they can also increase the chances of survival of the employees. Here are the basics of Active Shooter Programs.

1. Try to evacuate the area. If you encounter an active shooter situation in your building or company, try your best to remain calm and attempt to evacuate the area as soon as possible. If it is possible, try to inform others that there is malevolent person in the building and convince them to follow you to safety. Make sure that you don’t waste time taking any personal belongings with you because every single second is extremely important in such situations. When you are safe, call 911 immediately and follow the instructions of the police officers.

2. Try to hide out. If you are not able to escape the building then you must try to hide yourself and others from the attacker. If you are in a hallway, make sure that you immediately get in a room and secure the door after you. If you are in your office, just lock the door and stay there until this dangerous situation ends. Also, make sure that you turn off your cell phone and remain quiet, so that you don’t attract the attention of the attacker. If you cannot lock the door, a good idea would be to block it with heavy furniture. Lastly, try to hide under desks or behind cabinets and other furniture elements in order to protect yourself from the active shooter.

3. Take action as a last resort. If you are not able to escape or hide yourself from the attacker, the last resort would be to do anything in order to disrupt the malevolent person. However, do not attempt any unnecessary heroic actions because they might cost you your life, especially if you are very scared. If the active shooter is close to you, try to injure him and prevent him from hurting others. A great idea would also be to throw various objects at him or make weapons from things you have around you. Most importantly, take his firearms away if you are able and call 911 immediately.

4. General safety precautions which must be remembered. In order to escape alive from such brutal situations, make sure that you are always aware of the surrounding environment and any possible dangers which might arise. Also, it is important to always know the exits of the facility you are working in, so that you will be able to react quickly in case of an active shooter situation.

If you would like a professional to offer more details to your employees about Active Shooter Programs then make sure that you contact us today and our specialists will educate your personnel about such dangerous situations.


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